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"With over 27,000 employees, an Association of Counties achieved savings of $1,361,296 in less than 18 months on PCM’s Prescription Savings Program. Currently, an additional $75,000 in approved savings is available to its members."

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"A public school system with 5,300 employees implemented PCM’s Prescription Savings Program four years ago. The group’s savings exceed $1.7M to date. An additional $6,500 in approved savings is waiting for members to pick up their scrips."

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"A Southern school board has achieved over $1.2M in savings with only 3,900 employees. PCM's recommendations have proven beneficial to saving members significant amounts on out-of-pocket prescription costs."

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"A single Broker, with clients enrolled in PCM’s Prescription Savings Program, has saved their clients over $3.4M. The roughly 13,000 employees of these clients have an additional $26,000 in approved savings available."

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