Our Focus
Prescription Care. 
We help employees make smarter prescription choices by working with doctors to provide safe, effective cost-saving alternatives.
We take interaction beyond transaction to true engagement. The customer experience is our top priority. 
Our Prescription Savings Program slows the trend of increasing drug costs. Companies save an average of 10% of the plan’s total drug spend.
Program Features
How we make it all happen.
Company + Employee Savings
Employees see out-of-pocket prescription savings which help lower total drug spend by the employer and plan.

100% Fee Guarantee
Our business is saving money. We take a proactive with each client providing long-term savings and satisfaction. We do not get paid unless you save money.
 Savings = $1,361,000
Turnkey Solution
The PCM Savings Program enhances your existing pharmacy plan. It is a turnkey solution requiring no benefit change and very little employee disruption.
Proven Results
in Savings

With over 24,000 employees, an Association of Counties achieved savings over $3.2M on PCM’s Prescription Savings Program. Currently, an additional $141,000 in approved savings is available to its members.

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A public school system with 4,500 employees implemented PCM's Prescription Savings Program five years ago. The group's savings exceed $3.5M to date. An additional $13,224 in approved savings is waiting for members to pick up their scripts.
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A Southern school board has achieved over $2.6M in savings with only 3,700 employees. PCM's recommendations have proven beneficial by saving members significant amounts on out-of-pocket prescription costs and resulting in a 848% group ROI.
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A single broker with clients enrolled in PCM's Prescription Savings Program has saved their clients over $1.2M. The roughly 12,200 employees if these clients have an additional $21,900 in approved savings available.
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